Our experts in advisory services formulate solutions and strategies that improve organizational performance

Our advisory services are designed to contribute to your long-term success and competitive strength, and we work hard to provide you with proper systems and capabilities to implement.

Whether you're looking at identifying and mitigating your business risks, reviewing business processes and internal controls for operational improvement, acquisitions, disposals or buy-outs, or testing and improving your IT systems, the Advisory Services Division can team up with you to boost you forward to thoughtful action on important business decisions and transactions.

Our Advisory Services Division provides:

  • Business risk services
  • Business consulting services
  • Transaction services
  • Forensic advisory
  • Human capital services

Our Advisory Services

Business risk services

Our business risk services cover a wide range of solutions that assist you in identifying, addressing and monitoring risks in your business. Such solutions include external quality assessments of your Internal Audit activities' conformance with standards as well as evaluating its readiness for such an external assessment.

Business consulting services

Our business consulting services are aimed at addressing concerns in your operations, processes and systems. Using our extensive knowledge of various industries, we can take a close look at your business processes as we create solutions that can help you mitigate risks to meet your objectives, promote efficiency, and beef up controls.

Transaction services

Transaction advisory includes all of our services specifically directed at assisting in investment, mergers and acquisitions, and financing transactions between and among businesses, lenders and governments. Such services include, among others, due diligence reviews, project feasibility studies, financial modelling, model audits and valuation.

Forensic advisory

Our forensic advisory services include assessing your vulnerability to fraud and identifying fraud risk factors, and recommending practical solutions to eliminate the gaps. We also provide investigative services to detect and quantify fraud and corruption and to trace assets and data that may have been lost in a fraud event.

Cyber advisory

Our focus is to help you identify and manage the cyber risks you might be facing within your organization. Our team can provide detailed, actionable insight that incorporates industry best practices and standards to strengthen your cybersecurity position and help you make informed decisions.

ProActive Hotline

Providing support in preventing and detecting fraud by creating a safe and secure whistleblowing system to promote integrity and honesty in the organisation.

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Practice Leader, Advisory Services; Knowledge Management Leader
Michael C. Gallego
Michael C. Gallego
Practice Leader, Advisory Services; Knowledge Management Leader
Michael C. Gallego

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