On the lookout for your first or next job? Look no further. P&A Grant Thornton offers a slew of rewarding career opportunities that may just be what you’re looking for!

When you join P&A Grant Thornton, we want you to bring your perspective and stretch yourself every day. With the support of a values-driven organisation and a global network of 62,000+ Grant Thornton colleagues, you will achieve remarkable results for our clients, colleagues, and communities every day. And because of that you can achieve remarkable results.

  • Embark on comprehensive, engaging training

We get it. Most onboarding trainings can be monotonous and dragging. That’s why we went to great lengths to ensure that new hires get to know the ideals and core values of the Firm through innovative and practical applications, and beyond just discussions of these company objectives.

When we describe our trainings as comprehensive and engaging, we mean the true sense of these words. When you join P&A Grant Thornton, you gain access to useful tips and insight straight from our experts during our regular training programs.

Have you heard about the benefits of coaching and mentoring sessions? Research show that employees who participate in such programs have better management skills, show improved productivity at work, and gain a heightened sense of self-awareness and discovery. As tried and tested at P&A, we make sure that every employee is given a chance to experience coaching sessions spearheaded by designated work mentors. The result? Happier and more productive employees.

  • Get immersed in our innovative work process

They say the only thing that is constant in this world is change. More than retaining talent, The Firm believes that continuous improvement of work processes is key to fostering growth. But we also know that adopting new policies will do little when employees are not part of planning.

So, when we craft and lay down new work policies and programs, we not only carefully consider the welfare of employees; we include their insights too.

  • Advance your career (while having fun too!)

We have always believed that keeping employees happy and satisfied is equally beneficial for the company. That’s why, striking a work-life balance is one of our Firm’s priorities. In the end, when employees are happy, they are less prone to work burnout and stress; thus, they are more productive in the workplace.

Looking for an inclusive and diverse work culture? We got you covered! For us, equality, regardless of gender and socio-economic status, should be at the heart of every workplace.

Sounds exciting, right? Here’s what it’s like working at P&A!

P&Aers Testimonials

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Tax Senior Manager

Tax Advisory & Compliance


Two things strike me most. One, P&A truly listens. P&A values the opinions and suggestions of our people in improving our well-being and our work environment. The Firm encourages our voices to be heard and strives to uphold a delicate balance between business and people. It is in P&A that I’ve felt I have a family away from home.

Two, P&A invests in the growth of our people. Opportunities for wholistic development are given across all levels, be it leading a committee or organization, writing a newspaper article, speaking in a webinar, coaching and being coached, or being trained in specialized skills. It is in P&A that I’ve been given the opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone and discover areas that I can improve on.

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Audit Semi-Senior

Aduit & Assurance


I have many things for which I am thankful for as a P&Aer.  During the tough times brought by the pandemic, P&A has ensured that its employees would not feel alone. Various activities, both trainings and social events, were continuously conducted to promote togetherness despite not seeing each other in person. These efforts have supported us employees to prepare for and eventually overcome the busy seasons while working remotely. 

Personally, I am thankful for the senior members of our engagement teams for taking their time to teach and guide me during the challenging times of the busy seasons, and for the friends I gained to whom I share my joys and worries whether work-related or not. I’m glad that I got to experience being a member of the organizing team for social events (e.g., VAO, SER P&Alaro, and year-end party). I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of the GT Outsourcing team, where I am exposed to a new environment and able to work and learn alongsided our GT UK colleagues.  These limitless opportunities and support I received from P&A have greatly contributed to who I am today. 

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Senior Finance Analyst I

Business Process Solutions - Secondment


I still remember the day when I got hired. Four years ago, I was sent home after my job interview due to miscommunication. When Igot home, the PCG representative called and asked me where I was because he was waiting for me to sign the job offer. I mentioned that I went home and if they will permit, I will be arriving in a couple of hours. When I arrived; I signed the job offer and started my P&A Journey.

I always have the perception that in order for you to perform well in your job, you must be devoted to it. The tasks may be challenging but enjoying the process is key. I always find myself grateful that I work in an environment where collaboration and accountability are part of the work culture. The job is quite challenging most of the time, but P&A enabled me to show my full potential and allowed me express my ideas. The management gives us the opportunities to perform technical tasks and explore the different industries of clients.

P&A provided me not just with a stable job but colleagues who became lifetime friends. I value all the experiences that I gained when I started working in the Firm. Growth takes place when you prove that you are capable of doing new and challenging things. Striving for growth professionally is what the Firm has instilled in me.

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Senior Helpdesk Support

PSSD - Technology Solutions Group


When I think about the opportunities I was given at P&A Grant Thornton, I always remember my late aunt, LSL, a former partner of the company, for providing me the opportunity to have a job here at P&A, which allowed me to enhance my skills and capabilities in the field of computer technology. Over the years, the Firm has enabled me to provide the needs of my family, especially the education of my children. It was what paved the way for me and my family to overcome the trials and challenges thrown to us by life.

Through years of perseverance and hard work, seeing my family live comfortably gives me a feeling of euphoria— a sense of fulfillment and moreover, great pride and honor. Soon enough, I know that so much happiness will envelop me when I witness my two sons achieving their dreams and aspirations in life. That’s why even if the workload multiplies gravely and the tasks become harder, I just learn how to adapt because I'm not doing this for myself alone; I'm doing it for my family. Whoever and whatever I am today, I owe it to P&A Grant Thornton. I am truly proud of the person that P&A has molded me to be.

We know no limits. We take it from here and beyond.