By ensuring that our clients are matched with professionals most familiar with their industry, P&A Grant Thornton aims to provide a seamless onboarding experience and hassle-free service throughout the duration of our client engagements. With access to a global knowledge base, P&A Grant Thornton professionals are well-versed on the latest market trends, processes, and analyses across multiple industries, in addition to tax and audit expertise.

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Our Industries

Consumer products

Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand are creating new opportunities in food and beverage, with business leaders investing in new products, markets, and distribution models. At P&A Grant Thornton, we can help you turn these trends to your advantage, while providing you with a clear route for growth.


Our vision is to help learning institutions and business organisations go beyond and create powerful learning cultures through technology integration, collaboration, and innovation.

Energy and natural resources

Energy markets worldwide are undergoing major changes. P&A Grant Thornton can help you understand and navigate ensuing challenges and make sure you have the solutions you’ll need to capitalize on opportunities and go beyond industry expectations.

Financial services

Optimism is slowly returning to the global economy, but the financial services industry needs to regain the trust of public and private bodies. To truly go beyond the standard, forward-thinking organisations must examine every part of their business. The trick is to turn challenges into opportunities, and P&A Grant Thornton can help you to achieve this.

Not for profit

Across the globe, not for profit organisations are increasingly expected to deliver more, while at the same time facing cuts in government funding and voluntary giving. We understand the commitment and scrutiny within this sector and will work with you to meet these challenges.


The outsourcing industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Philippines. Growth in the industry is at an annual average rate of 20%. The industry is composed of eight sub-sectors, namely: knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, animation, call centers, software development, game development, engineering design, and medical transcription. From 101,000 workers in 2004, the labor force in the industry has grown to over 930,000 in the first quarter of 2014. In line with our Growing Together 2020 strategy, we help clients go beyond their potential and contribute to the growth of the industry as a whole.

Public sector

Across the globe, countries are moving towards leaner, more commercial, locally focused, and responsive government and public sectors. At P&A Grant Thornton, we are perfectly placed to help your organization deliver this vision for the future and beyond.

Real estate and construction

Opportunity and optimism have emerged within the retail estate and construction industry. At P&A Grant Thornton, it’s our goal to help you benefit from these opportunities and achieve beyond the normal growth.

Technology, media and communications

At P&A Grant Thornton, we’ll work with you to capitalise on all opportunities, manage the inherent risks the industry has to offer, and provide relevant solutions that will allow you to minimize the effects of disruption and go beyond.

Travel, tourism and leisure

Dynamic businesses need to move with speed and purpose if they want to capitalise on opportunities in hospitality and tourism. At P&A Grant Thornton, we know exactly what it takes to succeed and go beyond the standard in this rapidly changing sector.

Retail industry

With operational cost, price competition, and currency volatility, pressure on profits continues to pile on retailers. Advancements in e-commerce are also disrupting the traditional way we keep track of retail businesses. P&A Grant Thornton’s experts’ deep market knowledge can drive revenue and ensure your organization rises above and beyond the challenges facing the sector.

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