Why you should join P&A Grant Thornton

Teaming. P&A Grant Thornton's business is built on good, compact teams that innovate and act quickly and that are galvanized by strong interpersonal ties among members. Being with P&A Grant Thornton gives you the opportunity to build on the knowledge and skills you have already gained and offer creative ideas that really count.

Learning. At P&A Grant Thornton, you will enjoy access to a comprehensive learning system. With our mix of traditional classroom training and other modes of learning, we help you build on the skills and knowledge you need to excel at work, where and when you need them.

Leading. At P&A Grant Thornton, everyone is empowered to be a leader. Leading means winning, both in our markets and with our people. From day one, you are assured to have the most advanced tools and support from mentors to help you solve problems, pursue innovative solutions, and lead change for P&A Grant Thornton and its clients.

Living. To achieve personal satisfaction, you need the support of an employer who understands you as a person. At P&A Grant Thornton, we help bring out the best in our people by creating a balance between high work expectations and an understanding of personal needs.  We believe that by acknowledging that there is a lot more to life than work, we are able to contribute to greater employee satisfaction.  By satisfying our people’s needs, they also become more driven to satisfy our clients.

Your role

Our clients look to us for fresh and innovative ideas, information, and solutions from brilliant people like you to help them improve the way they do business. So far, we have delivered. With you, we will deliver some more.

Our distinct know-how and extensive experience serving many of the country's successful businesses move you forward. While we maintain the highest expectations from our people, we also invest a great deal in them to further develop their strengths and skills.

If you wish to develop your talents to the fullest and build a fulfilling career, join P&A Grant Thornton, where you will be part of a dynamic professional-services firm that values its people and adheres to the highest standards of excellence; that prioritizes and personalizes professional development of its personnel; and that is determined to stay at the lead pack of the professional-services industry through the strength of its forward-looking thought leaders and skilled professional staff.