Evolving shoppers and modern shopping

With operational cost, price competition, and currency volatility, pressure on profits continues to pile on retailers. Advancements in e-commerce are also disrupting the traditional way we keep track of retail businesses. P&A Grant Thornton’s experts’ deep market knowledge can drive revenue and ensure your organisation rises above and beyond the challenges facing the sector.

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Why P&A Grant Thornton?

We have a team of experienced experts dedicated to serving your company with various audit concerns. Our deep understanding of the retail industry will help prep your organization for any forthcoming challenges, offering effective solutions for your growth.

Our teams will take a careful look at your business and recommend the most viable strategies for big business moves such as expansion, cross-border franchising, and online retailing. We will make sure that your productivity is improved in order to optimize the efficiency of your supply chain.

Besides helping your organization grow, we’ll be there with you to navigate risks, explore how new rules can breed new opportunities and ensure that you benefit from tax breaks.

With our access to a global network, we combine both local and international expertise to fit your needs.

Our solutions

Our teams offer solutions tailored to the retail industry, including working with you to:

  • enrich your business planning
  • make sure you meet regulatory challenges
  • enter new markets
  • address increasing costs and labor challenges
  • manage risks and product regulations

To learn more about our services contact Endel Mata, our local industry leader.

John Endel S. Mata
Partner, Audit & Assurance
John Endel S. Mata