The first step into the working “adult” world is always scary. Start your career right with one of the entry-level opportunities offered by P&A Grant Thornton!


Faced with a buffet of possible job roles and industries to work in, fresh grads have a difficult choice ahead of them. We’ve been there too, so we know the stress involved in choosing a perfect first job that will open the right doors. P&A Grant Thornton doesn’t promise to be that job.

What we can promise, however, is the support of a values-driven organisation and a global knowledge network of 62,000+ Grant Thornton colleagues. With our resources, we can help you deliver remarkable results in your current role and help progress your career goals even further.

  • Develop your skills with a plethora of learning opportunities

As a thought leader in the industry, P&A Grant Thornton regularly conducts educational projects and webinars on key topics, headed by either our leaders or by invited guest experts, that fresh grads can easily access. These webinars are hosted in addition to skills-based internal learning sessions held per division or in conjunction with the greater Grant Thornton network.

Beyond learning the values of P&A Grant Thornton, our onboarding program also has an extensive “Campus to Corporate” module to help fresh grads adjust to the ins and outs of the corporate world.

  • Explore different roles with non-linear career paths

During the hiring process, we always endeavor to match individuals with the roles we believe they can thrive in. But humans are complex creatures and sometimes life works out differently. P&A Grant Thornton believes in allowing fresh graduates and staff the opportunity to experiment and explore the career trajectory that would suit them best. With plenty of unique divisions with differentiated responsibilities, individuals are free to request transfers or coordinate projects with another team until they can find the right fit.

Whether you’re an accountant who wants to focus on business leads and development or an IT expert looking to drive digital transformation, you will find your place within the P&A Grant Thornton community.

  • Plan your development goals with a mentor

Having a role model as a basis for effective work processes or desired job descriptions is important for fresh grads especially. P&A Grant Thornton takes this idea one step further and assigns individuals with mentors who can help them plan short- and long-term goals and keep them on track for their chosen career path. These mentors may be direct superiors, managers, or leaders who are most familiar with their capabilities and how they can improve to succeed.


Still not convinced? Here are even more reasons to choose P&A Grant Thornton as your first company.

Fresh Graduate Testimonials

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Audit Support Staff

Audit & Assurance


P&A offers a lot of opportunities to its employees. The Firm challenged me to be the best that I can be. At P&A, I am well appreciated. Whenever I ask for help, my immediate supervisors are always there to lend a helping hand. Here at P&A, the learning continues every day. We are always encouraged to push ourselves beyond our limits and unlock our full potential. We have been trained to challenge standards and this mindset allows us to go beyond our perceived limitations.

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Audit Support Staff

Audit & Assurance


In general, we all have a vision of the work we want to do and even the company we want to work for. Sometimes, we already have these in mind in full, bright colors. While at times it may appear as though everything is neutral, there are underlying perceptions that lead us to places where we will thrive and grow. For me, the color purple signifies the spark that ignited a new mindset for me. In my mind, I treat my being part of the P&A Grant Thornton community as an answered prayer.

As part of P&Ause (PAUSE), the official corporate social responsibility arm of P&A, I learned more about community awareness and outreach programs. I was able to sign up for repackaging of livelihood packages during my second month at the Firm and got to witness these activities online.

As millennials, my colleagues and I always see to it that we also take part in managing our finances. The Firm has been a big help in this aspect, as it offers ways of promoting savings and returns on investments through the P&A Credit Cooperative (PACC) program. As members, we have been given a chance to avail access to credit and participate in distribution of earnings.

P&A likewise cultivates a direct coaching culture. Employees either have group calls together with their co-coachees, or short one-on-one talks with assigned coaches. For me, this is like an extension of my safe space. The coaching and mentoring processes inspire me and the rest of the team to discover our innermost potential so that we can be guided on how to work on what we have to reach our full potential and go beyond our limits.

Our attitude toward our work is shaped by the meaning we assign to it, which influences the quality, value, and "heartful" service we offer. When all these factors align, we will realize that we are exactly where we need to be, and that we get to live the reality of our dreams. For us here at P&A, we call it the Grant Thornton experience!