We help you identify the opportunities and pitfalls  that can significantly affect your bottom line. Whatever you need, we are well-equipped to provide you with innovative yet practical solutions to minimize your tax exposure by means of legitimate tax planning and regular updates on the changing taxation system.

We aim to minimize the impact of taxation, enabling you to maximize your potential savings and to expand your business.

Our Tax Advisory and Compliance Division provides:

  • Tax advisory
  • Tax compliance
  • Corporate services
  • Tax education and advocacy

Our Tax Advisory and Compliance

Tax advisory

Assistance during tax audit/contesting an assessment We assist clients in handling audits by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Bureau of Customs (BOC) and local government units (LGUs) in a systematic and efficient manner. We help evaluate the validity of assessments, determine the appropriate documents and analyses to be submitted, prepare protests, and represent clients in meetings and discussions with government agencies. With our knowledge of tax laws and audit procedures, we help safeguard the substantive and procedural rights of taxpayers and prevent unwarranted assessments. Tax opinion and studies We conduct tax studies and provide advice to clients on the tax implications of specific transactions based on relevant laws, regulations, court decisions, rulings, and other relevant issuances. We likewise provide recommendations to address or mitigate tax issues arising from said transactions. Application for tax refund/credit We help clients recover taxes that have been erroneously or excessively paid or withheld through applications for refund or tax credit certificates (TCCs). Applications for refunds or TCCs are recommended for companies that have excess income taxes paid or unutilized creditable withholding taxes as reflected in the final income tax return (ITR), excess unutilized VAT input taxes arising from zero-rated transactions or change in VAT status, unutilized advanced VAT, excise taxes paid on petroleum products sold to tax-exempt entities and international carriers, other national or local taxes erroneously or excessively paid, or penalties imposed without authority.

Tax compliance

Tax review We evaluate clients’ overall level of compliance with existing laws and regulations; caution them on procedures and practices that expose them to potential tax liabilities; quantify tax exposures, risks and penalties; and advise them on proper course of action and alternative tax-efficient policies and procedures. Tax due diligence review is particularly recommended for companies that are contemplating expansion, mergers and consolidation, acquisitions, change in ownership, or public listing. Expatriate tax services We ensure the proper and efficient compliance of expatriates with their Philippine income tax obligations. Our services include registration and application for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), preparation and filing of annual Philippine income tax return, and payment of tax due in the proper venue and within the allowed period. As a value-added service, we respond to Correspondence Audits/Inquiries by the BIR regarding information declared in the tax return. If desired by clients, we also conduct arrival or departure briefings and interviews to apprise the expatriate of his Philippine tax liabilities. Upon a company’s request, we can compute, on an annualized basis, the total withholding tax due from its expatriate during the taxable year and prepare tax equalization and reimbursement calculations in accordance with company policies.

Corporate services

Assistance for incentives availment We help clients evaluate their qualification for incentives under the Board of Investments, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority or other special laws. If clients are qualified, we assist them in applying with the concerned government agency for such incentives. Our assistance covers filing of the application and supporting documents, monitoring the progress of the application, meeting/discussion issues, if any, with regulatory authorities, and securing the approval for such incentives. At the clients’ request, we may also assist in ascertaining their compliance with regulatory requirements (to ensure the continued entitlement to incentives), or in justifying the entitlement to such incentives in the event of a challenge by the BIR or other regulatory agencies. Corporate organization and registration For clients that want to do business in the Philippines, we assist in determining the appropriate and tax-efficient operating business or investment vehicle and structure to address the objectives of the investor, as well as related incorporation issues. We help set up the business and register it with concerned government regulatory agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Local Government Unit, the Social Security System and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. We also assist in notifying and/or securing necessary approvals from government regulatory agencies when there are changes in business activities, business status, or tax-type registration.  

Tax education and advocacy

Tax advocacy We actively participate in consultation and public hearings conducted by the Bureau of Internal Revenue on proposed tax rules and regulations, serving as a bridge between our clients and the BIR. Our advocacy work focuses on clarifying the interpretation of laws and regulations, suggesting measures to increasingly ease tax compliance, and protecting taxpayer’s rights. Tax seminars and training We offer seminars and training on tax-related developments and special issues of interest to taxpayers. Upon request, we provide customized in-house tax training – designed jointly by P&A and the client – that directly addresses the specific issues of the client’s industry and the training needs of its personnel.

Atty. Olivier D. Aznar
Vice Chairman and Deputy Managing Partner
Atty. Olivier D. Aznar
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