Our audit approach will allow our client's accounting personnel to make the maximum contribution to the audit effort without compromising their ongoing responsibilities.

Innovative technology to deliver efficiently and accurately

Superior technology enhances the quality of service and drives down fees. We incorporate innovative computer applications into our procedures to improve our level of service, thereby reducing cost. We have developed advanced computer software to make the audit process more efficient.

Quality team to develop a solid relationship

Capability and chemistry. These are what our clients expect from their service teams, which is why our first step in any engagement  is always to assemble a quality team that can best address your unique needs. Our auditors are experienced professionals who know how to get the information they need without unduly burdening your staff. Each member of our service team is a specialist in accounting and auditing. They have the perspective to foresee areas of  concern and, more importantly, their breadth of experience with corporations of your size allows them to propose valuable solutions to the problems they detect.

Comprehensive planning to avoid surprises

Experience has taught us that early identification of fincancial issues is the best way to find sound solutions. We respond to issues quickly by creating a thorough service plan so that you will never have to deal with last minute concerns. 

A successful, cost-effective audit is the result of a clear, comprehensive plan and our being able to establish a solid working relationship with your accounting personnel.

Communicating issues and ideas to enhance your operations

Rapport - it defines a relationship built on frequent communication, idea sharing and well-earned trust. We want to be in continuous contact with you.

Ramilito L. Nañola
Practice Leader, Audit & Assurance
Ramilito L. Nañola