We aim to minimize the impact of taxation, enabling you to maximize your potential savings and to expand your business.

Tax review

We evaluate clients’ overall level of compliance with existing laws and regulations; caution them on procedures and practices that expose them to potential tax liabilities; quantify tax exposures, risks and penalties; and advise them on proper course of action and alternative tax-efficient policies and procedures. Tax due diligence review is particularly recommended for companies that are contemplating expansion, mergers and consolidation, acquisitions, change in ownership, or public listing.

Expatriate tax services

We ensure the proper and efficient compliance of expatriates with their Philippine income tax obligations. Our services include registration and application for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), preparation and filing of annual Philippine income tax return, and payment of tax due in the proper venue and within the allowed period. As a value-added service, we respond to Correspondence Audits/Inquiries by the BIR regarding information declared in the tax return. If desired by clients, we also conduct arrival or departure briefings and interviews to apprise the expatriate of his Philippine tax liabilities. Upon a company’s request, we can compute, on an annualized basis, the total withholding tax due from its expatriate during the taxable year and prepare tax equalization and reimbursement calculations in accordance with company policies.

Tax outsourcing

We prepare clients’ tax returns covering monthly, quarterly and annual income taxes, value-added tax and other percentage taxes, fringe benefits tax, withholding taxes, and documentary stamp tax. Based on the information provided to us, we ensure that the computation of clients’ tax liabilities is made in accordance with existing tax laws and regulations. On their behalf, we file tax returns with the appropriate tax office and pay the corresponding taxes on or before the due date.

CTA litigation support

To avoid prolonged trials, we offer independent verification of financial and other pertinent documents that are presented as evidence in tax cases/disputes or claims for refund before the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA). This involves an evaluation of the completeness and validity of the documents and the correctness of the claims involved or other representations made by the taxpayer based on the requirements provided under applicable laws and regulations.

Customs compliance review

We assess adherence of companies to customs and tax laws, rules, and regulations in relation to their importation of goods. We help clients identify areas where potential tax and duty cost-saving opportunities exist. We assist clients in evaluating and restructuring their record-keeping policies and practices to properly comply with requirements under pertinent laws and regulations and to minimize tax exposure.

Atty. Olivier D. Aznar
Vice Chairman and Deputy Managing Partner
Atty. Olivier D. Aznar