We make it a point to keep our clients abreast of the developments and updates relating to the growing complexities in the accounting world.

Technical advice and training

We offer seminars and trainings on audit and tax-related matters, such as updates on Accounting Standards, new pronouncements and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issuances, as well as other developments that affect our clients’ businesses.

Participants are entitled to credited units for Continuing Professional Education (CPE), which are required by the Board of Accountancy. CPE is indicative of an individual’s genuine concern for his or her continued growth as a professional. Our team can help in achieving that.

SEC reporting and compliance

Aside from opinions for audited financial statements, we also accept requests for the preparation of General Form for Financial Statements (GFFS) and other reports, which will be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on an as-the-need-arises or annual basis as embodied in the Securities Regulation Code (R.A. 8799).

Assistance in applying with SEC for an increase in authorized capital stock

Preparing reports and certifications for cash payments or converting advances/liabilities to equity are the usual transactions that a service firm undertakes for clients, but at P&A Grant Thornton, we go beyond expectations. We can help you comply with the technical requirements set by the SEC for increasing authorized capital stock. We can provide guidance in completing the basic needs and additional requirements depending on the kind of payment on subscription.

Translation of Financial Statements into Japanese language

We have a Japan Desk that has developed a keen understanding of Philippine Financial Reporting Standards and tax rules and regulations. This Group is primarily focused on serving, and coordinating with, our valued Japanese clients. Most of the Japanese firms operating in the Philippine economic zones are required by their head office or Japanese counterpart to submit reports on their financial statements, including financial highlights, for a specific operating period. One of the services offered by our Japanese Desk is assistance in the translation of such financial statements into the Japanese language.

Ramilito L. Nañola
Practice Leader, Audit & Assurance
Ramilito L. Nañola