At Grant Thornton we believe learning and development opportunities allow you to perform at your best every day. And when you are at your best, we are the best at serving our clients

Across our global organisation of more than 151 member firms, we help people perform at their full potential. The Grant Thornton Leadership Institute delivers a best-in-class curriculum of learning experiences.

Below is a selection of these experiences.

At our best- Living the brand promise: explore how our people can demonstrate the values and behaviours that bring our brand promise to life.

Leading change: focus on the mind-set, skills, behaviours and tools that allow leaders to make successful and lasting change across the global organisation.

Maximising realisation: developing client communication skills and improving the relationship between Grant Thornton and clients

Developing managers and partners

We offer programs to help managers and partners reach their leadership potential.

  • Business Development Mentoring: enhances our Partners' competency in the area of Business Development as part of the primary responsibility of the Partners and also of the strategic objective of the Firm. The program utilizes the SPACE™ Platform which enables the participants to commit to specific business development goals and tailor plans and execution towards the delivery of the said goals.
  • Managers' Development Program: a 22-hour course set to give newly hired and promoted managers of the Firm expectations and skills needed to accomplish their roles as managers. During the sessions, they discussed the difference of a manager and a leader, managing transactions, coaching skills, handling accountability, DISC assessment, cultivating innovation, protocol and precedence, and the Firm's strategy and tools.
  • Coaching and Mentoring Workshop: a 20-hour course primarily aimed to harness the participants' knowledge with coaching and mentoring enabling them to improve their interactions and successfully manage employees and teams.

Service line technical and client service excellence

We offer significant client service-related learning that equips you with the knowledge and skills to support clients in achieving their operational and strategic goals. We offer service line learning both within member firms and through global training on an ongoing basis and also have a range of online reference support and resource contacts.