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Vigil@nt Cybersecurity

People are considered the weakest link in information security and are growing targets of cyber attacks. As businesses shift to digital business models and implement work-from-home arrangements, companies are being exposed to increasing cybersecurity and privacy threats as corporate networks and the people that use them move to the Internet.

Grant Thornton’s Vigil@nt Cybersecurity services helps companies design, implement, and monitor their internal cybersecurity awareness and training programs. With our combined expertise and experience in cybersecurity consulting and learning and development services, we can provide your employees with up-to-date and relevant cybersecurity awareness content delivered through an automated learning and phishing simulation platform that makes learning more effective — and makes your employees more vigilant — against real-life cybersecurity attacks in today’s increasingly digital world.

Vigil@nt Cybersecurity provides you with a platform created by KnowBe4 to manage cybersecurity attacks that target your people such as social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks. It gives you full control over your cybersecurity training and awareness program through the following steps:

  • Gauge your people’s and organization’s current cybersecurity posture and establish a baseline for your training program
  • Educate your people with web-based, relevant, interactive, and up-to-date training content, including videos, gamified topics, and posters
  • Schedule regular phishing attack simulation tests using templates or custom emails and landing pages
  • Monitor the results of your organization’s cybersecurity education programs through detailed statistics, tables, and graphs

Find out how we can help equip your employees with the right knowledge and behavior to effectively handle cyber attacks. Cybersecurity vigilance starts with you.

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