Unlock your potential

What P&A Grant Thornton has to offer?

P&A Grant Thornton offers something you can't find anywhere else. This is the opportunity to develop your ideas and thinking while having your efforts recognised from day one. We value the skills and knowledge you bring to Grant Thornton as an experienced professional and look forward to supporting you as you grow you career with our organisation.

When you join P&A Grant Thornton we want you to bring your perspective and stretch yourself every day. With the support of a values-driven organisation and a global network of 40,000 Grant Thornton colleagues, you will achieve remarkable results for our clients, colleagues and communities every day. And because of that you can achieve remarkable results.

As an experienced hire, you'll have the opportunity to be a leader, and also provide coaching and mentoring to help our people develop and grow.



"At P&A Grant Thornton, we have countless ways of recognizing our people for exemplary performance. Whether it’s a pat on the back for a job well done, an email shout-out from the partners or an excellence award, P&A Grant Thornton makes sure that we recognize our people’s contributions to the success of the Firm." - Yusoph Maute, Senior Manager, Audit and Assurance

"Working at P&A Grant Thornton gave me the opportunity to apply and appreciate what I learned from my undergraduate.  This was due to the learnings I got from the insights of experts of other divisions of our Firm e.g. tax division, wisdom of our audit partners, and of course, the fresh views of our staff members.  Pondering back, I’m thankful I had that opportunity as choosing P&A Grant Thornton to start my professional career was the best decision I made since the Firm helped me grew as a professional." - Michael Sy, Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance

"P&A provides endless learning opportunities.   I feel that the working environment is like a home where there is a strong support system (e.g. collaboration, use of the technology advancement towards work, wide range of clientele per industry) and that allow us, P&A employees, to grow professionally." - Richard Ibarra, Senior Manager, Tax Advisory & Compliance

"P&A has got me covered in all facets of my necessities as an employee and as a partner for growth. The benefits of healthcare, transportation, and communications assistance are guarantees that I am supported in executing my function. Growing together with P&A for the last 8 years instilled in me the importance of physical, mental and emotional wellness, and that growth is not possible if these personal aspects are neglected.  Annual programs such as the Partners Cup sporting event, the Wellness Month activities of zumba, yoga, free massages and free healthy breakfast are simple activities but which impact goes beyond the work scene." -Chams Villamora-Dacanay, Senior Managing Consultant, Advisory Services

"P&A has become my second family.  I never had a chance to have another employer because P&A provided me more than enough support in terms of my career, performance and aspirational goals.  P&A gives me opportunities to enhance my capabilities and expertise through vast training and attending conferences here and abroad.  I am a proud and thankful P&Aer" - Grace Joboco, Director, Business Process Solutions/Outsourcing

"P&A has a culture of innovation in which is continuously evolving with new focused ideas and policies towards the firm’s goals and objectives. The firm helped me become a leader of the future because of the transparency and integrity that the firm manifests. P&A has always been of help in improving my leadership skills." Elda Domingo-Angeles, Director, Finance

"Working with the people at P&A Grant Thornton has helped me identify my strengths and capitalize on the things that I do exceedingly well.  Even simple words of recognition coming from my superiors in the firm have motivated me to push myself beyond my limits in all my engagements, knowing that all the efforts I am giving are greatly appreciated." - Raymond Mamacus, Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance Davao

"P&A's exemplary culture in dealing with its employees and client is the primary reason for growth. Its employee training on both technical and soft skills provides a great avenue for one to grow personally and professionally. Its portfolio of clients, both local and multi-national, gives us diverse exposure and equipping us as we go up the ladder either internally, or as we venture into other calling." - Kim Aranas, Senior Manager, Tax Advisory and Compliance Cebu

"Growing is about gaining.  Looking back, I was only after helping my family on financials when I joined P&A.  But after 30 years of being with the firm, there is much more to that – I gained experiences which enriched me become a better person.  More importantly, I gained family and friends who played key roles in all of those years of growing." - Liza Jasa, Supervisor, Knowledge Management Group