P&A Foundation, through its CSR arm, P&A for a Cause (P&Ause), in partnership with the De La Salle University – Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (DLSU-JPIA), conducted “A Million Trees and Beyond” last October 10, 2015 at Sitio Kayreyna, Barangay Lumaniag, Lian, Batangas.  A total of 120 mangrove seedlings were planted by the volunteers.  As part of the activity, the volunteers also conducted a clean-up drive to remove the litters clogging the coastal areas of Sitio Kayreyna.  Facilitators from DLSU-JPIA and Kingfisher Fisherfolk Association briefly explained the purpose of each activities.

Mangroves are not only important but crucial part of our coastal areas.  They act as a buffer in preventing coastal erosion and as catalysts from reclaiming the land from the sea.  These forests also act as breeding and nursery grounds for a variety of marine animals, and aids in purifying the water by absorbing impurities and heavy metals.  It is also a good source of timber.

This activity was a great experience to all P&Ause and student volunteers to better understand the essence of the conserving the mangrove forests.