Last April, members of P&A For A Cause (PAUSE) joined “Run for a Cause,” a fun run organized by Airspeed International Corporation to raise funds for Gawad Kalinga, Metrokids/New Life Foundation, and World Vision. Airspeed is an assurance client of Audit Group B.The event was divided into three divisions: the 10-km., 5- km., and 3-km. runs, which all started at 5.45am. (I joined the 3-km. run, hoping that I could finish it.)

A number of partners, managers, and staff members from different divisions joined the fun run. There were also many other participants—from children to grandparents, from those serious to finish the race first to those who joined just for fun and a little exercise. After the run, there were many booths waiting for the participants. As the event started, everyone seemed excited, as the signal for the run went off. I was also excited, and I tried to run as fast as I could. But I got tired after only a few minutes! So I ended up calling the activity “a walk for a cause.” Fortunately, I noticed that many other participants were actually walking as well.

After the run, you could feel the fulfillment as everyone got a certificate and a souvenir picture. There were also free food and massage! The fun run was yet another fun activity of PAUSE and a time to contribute to the fund- raising for kids. We invite more P&Aers to join and take part of the worthwhile activities of the organization and experience the joy and fulfillment of sharing one’s time for a cause.