Around 30 P&A staff, alumni and friends volunteered for an early Christmas project of P&A for a Cause (P&AUSE) bringing 30 privileged kids to an alternative learning experience last November 27, Saturday. In cooperation with the Children’s Hour, children from Childhope Asia Philippines and from Families and Children for Empowerment Development Foundation (FCED) were accompanied by the P&Aers for a whole day of thrills. Jun Cuaresma graced the activity, together with Rhea Alarcon, Assistant Executive Director of Children’s Hour. The morning activity featured the Museo Pambata along Roxas Boulevard, where the kids frolicked from one museum room to another, testing their wits, knowledge, athleticism, and of course, their maximum level of fun in the different activities the museum had to offer. By noon, we settled at McDonald’s Harrison Plaza for heavy lunch and party games. Later in the afternoon, we trooped to the revitalized Manila Zoo, where we enjoyed a glimpse of the different animals and the zoo’s new attractions. We even took time to invade the zoo’s lagoon and raced against each other in paddling boats. As the day turned to a close, the children were given goodie bags and giveaways to remember us P&Aers by.

Although the day was thoroughly exhausting, we were satisfied just by seeing the kids smiling the whole day, wishing that this first-time experience for them would repeat itself in the future.