Noble intentions defied bad weather as PAUSE (P&A for a Cause) launched its third project for the year last May 31. Despite the downpour caused by typhoon Chedeng, P&A volunteers trooped to the pediatric charity ward of the Ospital ng Maynila to distribute snacks, storybooks, coloring books and crayons to its patients. These simple joys momentarily replaced anguish-stricken stares with smiles that brightened the otherwise damp and gloomy hospital rooms. To cap the activity, P&AUSE presented a donation of Php50,000 as medical assistance for the hospital’s pediatric charity ward. The donation was coursed through the Give a Life Foundation (GAL), a non-profit organization which focuses on providing the proper medical attention as well as the medication and equipment needed by sick indigent children in various hospitals in Metro Manila.

PAUSE would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions and continued support especially those who spared some of their time to take part in the activity.

Through sun or rain, there’s always time to PAUSE.