From dawn ‘til dusk. That was how long 23 P&A volunteers labored under the sweltering heat of the sun last September 27, 2003. No, they were not sent to the penitentiary to atone for their lates and absences but because of a worthy cause — the fifth project of PAUSE (P&A for a Cause) for the year. In coordination with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, P&A joined the nation in solving the increasing problem of homelessness. The P&A volunteers help lay the foundation for a home that would be eventually occupied by a beneficiary family in the city of Parañaque. “We met the future homeowner who worked with the rest of us and was very thankful,” said Genevieve Villa-Real, P&AUSE’s chairperson.

P&A volunteers carried buckets of cement, passed on a number of hollow blocks, and constructed walls of the home which was on the third phase of its construction.

“It was a backbreaking yet fun-filled experience,” she added.