Past Event: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

In a borderless world, cross country employment and company operations have become part of the usual. As this global landscape continues to develop, it is vital for taxpayers to understand their tax obligations on their payments to their foreign suppliers of goods and services.

In this free webinar, we will discuss the tax implications of income payments to non-residents and the tax benefits afforded to them through understanding different tax treaties. We will share the administrative and compliance requirements to avail preferential tax treatment under tax treaties. In addition, and in line with the recent development on Philippine transfer pricing rules, we shall also discuss transfer pricing considerations for cross border related party transactions.

Featured Speakers

Lea Roque
Principal, Tax Advisory and Compliance

Lea has been in the tax practice for about 24 years. She was posted in Grant Thornton (Vietnam) Ltd., where she was the Tax Director for two years until she joined P&A Grant Thornton in 2009. Lea has been involved in tax due diligence work in connection with M&A activities and has extensive experience in providing tax advisory services on direct international taxation, among other fields of expertise.

Nikkolai Canceran
Partner, Tax Advisory and Compliance; Head of Transfer Pricing Team

Nikkolai has been with P&A Grant Thornton since he started his professional career in 2007. As such, he has gained extensive experience in providing tax compliance/due diligence audit and tax outsourcing services to local and multinational companies. He has also crafted tax studies and transfer pricing studies for several clients.