The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has issued Revenue Regulation (RR) No. 8-2022 to inform all concerned regarding the implementation of the required issuance of electronic receipts or invoices in lieu of manual receipts or invoices for certain identified taxpayers.

Issuance of electronic receipts or invoices is mandated for the following taxpayers:

  1. Taxpayers engaged in the export of goods and services;
  2. Taxpayers engaged in electronic commerce (e-commerce); and
  3. Taxpayers under the Large Taxpayers Service (LTS).

The abovementioned taxpayers, except those engaged in e-commerce, shall electronically report or transmit their sales data to the BIR using their Sales Data Transmission System. All covered taxpayers are required to:

  1. Develop a Sales Data Transmission System based on the Standard Application Programming lnterface Guidelines;
  2. Enroll prior to actual transmission of sales data to the Electronic lnvoicing/Receipting System (ElS) for security purposes;
  3. Secure a Certification of the Sales Data Transmission System from the BIR through the ElS. The BIR will conduct an online verification if the system is compliant with BIR requirements;
  4. Submit an application for the issuance of Permit to Transmit (PTT) in order to allow the transmission of sales data to the ElS. Sales reporting shall be done immediately for transactions on the day following the issuance of the PTT; and,
  5. Transmit sales data in real time or near real time provided that it should be done within three (3) calendar days from the date of the transaction.

A corresponding penalty shall be imposed for delayed, late, or no transmission of sales data to the ElS.  Invoicing requirements under the Tax Code, as amended, shall be satisfied relative to the issuance of electronic receipts or invoices.

An issuance will be released by the BIR to provide further guidance on how to apply for and comply with the EIS.

Please be guided accordingly.



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As published in SunStar Cebu, dated 15 July 2022