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Financial services


Creating Growth:

The challenge of buying well in today's private equity market

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Optimism is slowly returning to the global economy, but the financial services industry needs to regain the trust of public and private bodies. To succeed, forward-thinking organisations must examine every part of their business. The trick is to turn challenges into opportunities, and Grant Thornton can help you to achieve this.

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Why P&A Grant Thornton

P&A Grant Thornton audits three of the Philippines’ top 6 banks including the biggest bank in the Philippines, and provides other services to top companies in this industry. In a global level, at Grant Thornton financial services are a practice of more than US$500 million, providing solutions to seven of the world’s top 12 global banks. Our proactive teams will work with your business, offering you clear and practical solutions.

Our solutions are pragmatic and commercially focused, offering the insight your business needs to grow and prosper in a constantly changing and challenging world.

Whether you need support with exploring strategic insights, complying with regulations, managing risk or resolving forensic disputes, we have the experience to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Most important, we strive to offer tailored solutions to your bespoke challenges, working with you and across our service line teams collaboratively to deliver the holistic support you need.

We can also support with you with:

  • regulation
  • risk management
  • transformation
  • revenue growth
  • customer retention
  • data management
  • failure/fraud investigation.

To learn more about our services contact Boyet Murcia or Jerald Sanchez our local industry leaders.