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Mhycke Gallego


A new vision for learning

Our vision is to help learning institutions and business organizations create powerful learning cultures through technology integration, collaboration and innovation.

At a time of critical change, preparing our youth in the 21st century cannot be left to chance in the hand of few educators creating pockets of technological innovation in classrooms. It is essential that education leaders have an effective digital transformation strategy, creating a culture of innovation and collaboration that can lead to better learning for all.

Why P&A Grant Thornton?

Our technology integration advisory services provide customized solutions supported by an advisory team that brings industry best practices, proven methodologies, and technologies to solve your tactical business problems and toughest educational technology challenges. We provide consulting for the management, training, and evaluation of your technology and innovation initiative.

Our solutions

Our teams provide services tailored to the education sector, including working with you to:

  • conduct technology readiness analyses that cover both educational and information technology, data systems, pedagogy, curriculum, finance, and personnel
  • develop a digital transformation strategy roadmap and author/review policies and procedures on educational technology
  • implement systematic and integrative learning system solutions
  • optimize your current technology systems and create interactive teaching and learning experiences to enhance learners’ engagement and overall organizational performance
  • provide training and expert consultation on the use of technologies for educational use in a variety of settings such as face-to-face, blended, online including mobile and for use in reaching underserved audiences

To learn more about our services, contact Mhycke Gallego or Jess Obana, our local industry leaders.