Colorful Past

In 1988, two visionaries – Benjamin R. Punongbayan and Jose G. Araullo – founded Punongbayan & Araullo. Initially, the firm was established as a small-scale organization that could offer high-quality service with perseverance and audacity that surprised both its clients and competitors.

In January 2003, Grant Thornton International accepted Punongbayan & Araullo as a full-fledged member firm. Together, they were able to successfully handle multiple clients both locally and internationally, a feat that would otherwise have been very difficult considering that they were both relatively young compared to their competitors. Their combined resilience and reputation opened numerous doors to landing even bigger clients.


Vivid Present

P&A Grant Thornton has always been focused on keeping its clients’ wants and needs ahead of its own, which allowed the Firm to develop a very strong and healthy relationship with its clients. The Firm’s focus on employing the best talent is embodied in the P&A Recruitment Manual, which identifies specific qualities in a desirable applicant: a keen interest in a long-range career with the Firm, above-average intellectual ability, good interpersonal skills, and an analytical and logical mind.

P&A Grant Thornton has been recognized for providing business advisory services fuelled by its core principles: integrity and excellence. Throughout its 35 years of providing quality advisory services to help dynamic organizations thrive, P&A Grant Thornton has continuously adopted bold perspectives, utilized divergent thinking, and forged paths through collaboration and partnership with different government offices, stakeholders, professional organizations, universities and colleges, various groups within our communities, and its own people.


Vibrant Future

To envision the future, P&A Grant Thornton has realized that it is essential to look at the past to gain valuable insights and to use them for improvement and growth. To help make the future more vibrant, the Firm is now focused on developing further the desire to help our clients' businesses thrive and remain flexible amid disruptions.

In line with its goal of making the future more vibrant, P&A Grant Thornton will celebrated its 35th anniversary on February 15, 2023. The celebration served as the culmination of over three decades of corporate milestones that helped the Firm establish itself as a leading tax advisory firm in the country.

The event was attended by P&A employees, leaders, and clients alike – all instrumental in shaping the Firm as one of the trusted advisory services firms in the country today.

35th Anniversary Celebration Videos

P&A Grant Thornton Through The Years

#35thAnniversaryCelebration #ShapingAVibrantTomorrow #BoldPerspectives #DivergentThinking #ForgingPaths

Watch here P&A Grant Thornton Through The Years

P&A Grant Thornton 35th Anniversary - Client Celebration

#35thAnniversaryCelebration #ShapingAVibrantTomorrow #BoldPerspectives #DivergentThinking #ForgingPaths

Watch here P&A Grant Thornton 35th Anniversary - Client Celebration

P&A Grant Thornton 35th Anniversary - Staff Celebration

#35thAnniversaryCelebration #ShapingAVibrantTomorrow #BoldPerspectives #DivergentThinking #ForgingPaths

Watch here P&A Grant Thornton 35th Anniversary - Staff Celebration
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