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Reversing the taxation of health card premiums and director’s fees under RMC 50-2018

29 Nov 2018

Pursuant to RMC 96-2018, premiums paid for group health insurance shall not be considered taxable compensation. Director’s fees, on the other hand, shall not be subject to business tax (VAT or percentage tax).

List of Existing and New Top Withholding Agents

10 Oct 2018

This tax alert is issued to inform all concerned taxpayers on the publication of the BIR’s list of top withholding agents.

New withholding tax treatment of premiums on health card of employees

28 Sep 2018

Under RMC No. 50-2018, a new tax treatment was prescribed for premium on health card paid by the employers for their employees.

BIR clarifies imposition of 12% interest on unpaid taxes

19 Sep 2018

Pursuant to the TRAIN law, the interest on deficiency and delinquency taxes shall be double the effective legal interest.

Amended rules on the issuance of eLAs for “small” taxpayers category

23 Aug 2018

This Tax Alert is issued to inform all concerned on the amended coverage and thresholds for the issuance of electronic Letters of Authority (eLAs) by the BIR to individual and non–individual taxpayers belonging to the “small” taxpayers category.