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VAT exemption of international carriers

29 Dec 2015

Inserted a new subsection (S) for transport of passengers by international carriers doing business in the Philippines. The same Subsection (S) clarified that transport of cargoes by international carriers doing business in the Philippines are VAT exempt pursuant to Section 109(1)(E) of the Tax Code since the same is subject to the percentage tax on common carriers under Section 118. It is noted that these are pursuant to the amendments under Republic Act No 10378 (March 7, 2013) which rationalized the taxation of international carriers.

Required format for CRM/POS receipts: Clarifications and deadline

09 Oct 2015

In Revenue Regulations No. 10-2015, the BIR prescribed an expanded list of information to be indicated in the receipts/invoices issued form CRM/POS machines as well as electronic receipts issued from a network or linked to CAS or components.

Deadline for reconfiguring CRM/POS Machines extended until October 31

08 Oct 2015

In RR 10- 2015, the BIR expanded the list of information that should be indicated in the receipts generated from CRM/POS machines/software. The earlier October 1 deadline for business establishments to procure/reconfigure their machines and systems to comply with the requirement is extended to October 31, 2015, pursuant to RR 12-2015.

Supplemental procedures for manual filing of quarterly ITRs

16 Apr 2015

This RMC was posted in the BIR website late afternoon on April 15. The RMC covers the quarterly income tax returns (BIR Forms 1701Q and 1702Q) which are due on April 15 for taxpayers required to use eFPS or Online eBIRForms but were not successful in filing electronically.

Supplemental procedures for manual filing by eFPS taxpayer

15 Apr 2015

P&A is sharing the below responses of the BIR on cases of eFPS taxpayers who are unable to eFile. In general, you are advised to file and pay manually and perform the below-described supplemental procedures. Subsequently, you should still upload the ITR information in the eFPS after April 15.