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P&A Grant Thornton and FINEX Senior Leadership in Finance Program

Thriving in transition: Enhancing the role of the modern-day CFO

The world, as we know it today, is evolving rapidly at a pace much faster than we could have imagined decades ago. Shifts in market conditions, coupled with socio-political and economic uncertainties, fueled a flurry of changes with regard to how a business should operate to cushion the blow of these factors. The situation was exacerbated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It drove organizations to accelerate their digital transformation programs. What would have taken months of preparations toward full digitalization was done in a matter of weeks.

P&A Grant Thornton believes that the future continues to look promising, and it is important for businesses to adopt the learnings they gleaned from the past two years. Critical to the recovery and expansion efforts of business is the ability and readiness of the Chief Financial Officer to lead his organizations to face the new challenges ahead.

For this reason, P&A Grant Thornton is, once again, collaborating with FINEX Academy in holding the Senior Leadership Program in Finance. Considered as the Masterclass in Finance, the second offering of the program will start on November 3, 2022.

The role of a CFO today

FINEX Academy has examined and studied what they describe as the four roles of the modern-day CFO, i.e. strategist, catalyst, operator and steward, and, on this basis, developed a program that will reinforce the CFO’s skills and competencies.

As key strategists and catalysts, CFOs’ performance and innovation generate both immediate and long-term value for their organization. As stewards, they preserve an organization's reputation by conforming with laws, safeguarding assets and resources, and providing efficient, fast, and accurate financial services. Finally, as operators, they harness talent and empower others around them to create value and safeguard reputation.

For CFOs to achieve all these and more, leadership and training programs aimed at enhancing the existing capabilities of such leaders are non-negotiables in today’s competitive and evolving business landscape. Learning from the experience of other professionals in the same field enhances understanding of best practices.

Grant Thornton-FINEX Masterclass

The Grant Thornton-Finex Senior Leadership in Finance Program is comprised of 12 sessions and covers six modules. Each session will run for three hours with two hours to be conducted by institutional learning partners and a one-hour presentation by a recognized industry expert /finance practitioner.

The masterclass is highly recommended not just for Chief Financial Officers or their equivalents, but for heads of finance and other C-suites officers with finance roles.

The topics to be discussed vary and are comprehensive to include essential information and technical knowledge that every modern Chief Finance Officer can find useful for their daily dealings at work and with stakeholders and clients. These topics include transformational leadership, being a positive influence from the CFO seat, crisis leadership, driving and sustaining your company’s competitive edge, creating value as a CFO, and the CFO’s people role.

Key takeaway

The world is changing at a rapid pace. It is vital that we participate in continuous learning programs to help steer the organizations where we belong toward growth and continuous recovery.

As leaders, it is paramount that we support and promote continuous learning for employees. Not only is this found effective in expanding employee skill sets, promoting retention of valuable knowledge, and generating innovative ideas, but it also boosts employee satisfaction and overall morale.


The masterclass program will be delivered online, and synchronous sessions will be held via Zoom. For more details about the 2022 Senior Leadership in Finance Program, you may reach out to Michael Vinluan, FINEX Executive Director, at, or Sarah Hazel Parapara, FINEX Academy Support Staff, at



As published in BusinessWorld and The Manila Times, dated 31 October and 02 November 2022

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