Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 4) — After dominating last year's survey, the Philippines slipped to fifth place in the global 'Women in Business' rankings for 2019.

The latest report released by tax and advisory firm Grant Thornton International Ltd. revealed 37.46 percent of Filipinas hold senior leadership roles in the country. The data is down from the 46.58 percentage listed by the Philippines in 2018-- making it drop to the fifth spot.

New Zealand was hailed as the country with the highest proportion of women in senior management positions at 43.90 percent, while Australia came in second with 41.94 percent.

Nigeria and Botswana also made it to the top five of the global rankings, with the African nations listing 38.47 percent and 38.25 percent, respectively.

The Philippines, however, still remained as the top Asian nation in the global survey besting Vietnam (36.94 percent) and Singapore (33.04).

The country's percentage likewise still surpasses the Southeast Asian average of 28 percentage proportion of women in senior roles.

Global data also bared that the most number of females in senior managerial positions work as Human Resources director (43 percent), followed by Chief Finance Officer (34 percent).

2019 also saw the highest overall percentage of women in senior management on record at 29 percent.

"I know from my own personal experience that gender diversity leads to higher performance, a more inclusive culture, more balanced decisions. I believe a business that is not gender balanced is not going to be sustainable. The responsibility to build that inclusive culture is in the hands of us as leaders," said Grant Thornton International global CEO Peter Bodin.

The survey was conducted last November and December 2018. Results were compiled from 4,900 interviews with female senior executives from all industry sectors in mid-market businesses of 35 countries.


As published in CNN Philippines, dated on 15 March 2019