There are fewer Filipino women in senior management positions this year compared to 2018.

This is according to Grant Thornton International Ltd.’s Women in Business 2019 report, which said the Philippines’ global ranking in terms of women in senior management jobs dropped from 1st in 2018 to 5th this year.

The survey showed that Filipino women accounted for 37 percent of senior management teams this year, as opposed to 47 percent in 2018, the company said in a separate statement.

The report was based on interviews and surveys conducted in November and December 2018. Out of a global sample size of more than 4,900 respondents in 35 countries, 73 came from the Philippines.

Despite the drop in the ranking, the Philippines is still above the regional and global average of 28 percent.

Most of the women in senior management positions are human resources directors. Others are chief finance officers and chief operating officers.

Grant Thornton said what bars more Filipino women from going up the corporate ladder were lack of access to developmental work opportunities, caring responsibilities outside work and lack of access to networking opportunities.

Marivic Españo, P&A Grant Thornton chief executive officer, said policies for equal opportunity should not just be “nice to have.”

“If we want to continue seeing female representation in senior positions, more deliberate action needs to be taken and leaders will play a crucial role. Policies that address equal opportunity in careers, bias in recruitment, and flexible working cannot just be a nice to have,” she said.

“To achieve meaningful progress, they must be adhered to, enforced, and regularly revisited to assess their effectiveness and, when that is combined with real commitment from senior leadership, you begin creating a truly inclusive culture,” she added.


As published in Philippine Daily Inquirer, dated on March 4, 2019