To adapt to an ever-changing business landscape, P&A Grant Thornton remains steadfast in providing business advisory services. We also aim to utilize alternative digital platforms to promote continuous learning and insights sharing. This means staying informed about the latest developments in the field of tax and audit and investing in technologies to share our expertise and knowledge in the industry.

Aside from publishing articles written by our Partners and tax associates, we have been one step ahead in providing fresh and impactful content through our tax videos and vlogs. Likewise, we take time to record and share webinars that we have conducted. This way, insights shared through these virtual sessions will be available to our staff, our clients, and the general public. This is in line with our Firm’s belief that knowledge-sharing will always be key in stimulating improvement and growth.


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Advisory Services Videos


As the government endeavors to evolve a more progressive form of taxation by introducing new legislative measures, P&A keeps abreast of new developments in taxation and auditing principles and harnesses technology to disseminate this information. It forms part of our corporate goal of finding new ways to boost client and public knowledge on tax and audit.

To do this, we tap on our Partners and tax associates to share their knowledge on anything and everything tax-related. Our topics range from understanding tax principles to less complex and simple ones that pique the interest of employees as taxpayers.

Business Process Solutions Vlogs

Tax Advisory and Compliance Vlogs


Engaging in training and insight-sharing is of utmost importance to us. Hence, we ensure that we go out of our way to conduct webinars. We go above and beyond in engaging the participation of colleagues and the public on timely topics, from promoting inclusivity and awareness to improving employee welfare. To make these discussions readily available, we record every virtual session that we handle and upload them to our site. For us, conducting and sharing these virtual sessions is one way of adapting to the demands of oft-changing times.

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