Undoubtedly, the pandemic has resulted in monumental changes to global working practices in the short span of two years. In that time, it has also introduced the concept of an employee’s market for recruitment and a fierce war for talent as employees – women especially – found more opportunities amidst the new and more flexible working conditions. Grant Thornton welcomes the seeming continuation of this trend as our research saw more than 70% of businesses are now working to create a more inclusive environment to attract and retain female talent.

“The pandemic has also revealed another side of women – resilience – which is now considered a core value that all businesses must embody.”

– Mai Sigue-Bisnar

Partner and Head of Markets Group, P&A Grant Thornton


For 18 years, Grant Thornton has tracked the global progress of women in senior management. By surveying senior leaders from 5,000 businesses across 29 economies, the Women in Business 2022 report outlines the evolution of worldwide leadership models and the successful implementation of diversity and inclusion policies to retain and attract female talent within organizations. Using our findings as a guide, corporate leaders can discover what strategies have proven effective to attracting this vital talent demographic and what more can be done to allow female talent to flourish for the overall growth of the company.

Grant Thornton
Women in Business 2022

Opening the door to talent

  • The impact of COVID-19
  • COVID-19: a catalyst for engagement
  • Accessing female talent

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