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Women in Business 2020

Last year’s Blueprint for Action laid out the foundational pillars for getting more women into senior management around the world. In 2020, building on more than 15 years of research, the Grant Thornton Women in Business report drills down into the numbers to uncover whether the Blueprint pillars are being put into practice. By highlighting what is being done – and what still needs to happen – Grant Thornton aims to act as an agent for change in the drive to increase gender parity in business management across the globe.

Increasing the proportion of women in senior leadership has proven benefits for every business, in every sector, but to get them there, clear, sustained action needs to be taken. Having outlined in 2019 the practical steps organisations can take to create an environment in which women can succeed, we are now looking at the Blueprint in action, and evaluating the measures being put into practice to shift the balance of diversity. This year, our Women in Business report reveals what is happening, and where.

Download the 2020 report for insight into the latest women in business statistics. [ 2780 kb ]

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