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Tax Notes: Pre-processed RELIEF and BOC data in aid of tax audits

PREVIOUSLY, third party information such as Reconciliation of Listing for Enforcement (RELIEF) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) data are generated only upon request of investigating offices conducting the tax audits.

Under the recently issued RMO 6-2017, the third party information will be automatically generated and transmitted to investigating offices, for taxpayers who were issued electronic letters of authority (eLAs).

The Business Intelligence Division (BID) of the BIR Information Systems Group (ISG) will extract the RELIEF data on SLS/SLP and the BOC data on importations pertaining to taxpayers with issued eLAs.

The data will be transmitted to the Audit Information, Tax Exemption and Incentives Division (AITEID) within three days from extraction for dissemination to respective revenue officers.

A status report on how the data was utilized in the audit and its impact on the assessment to the AITEID is required. Similarly, an explanation is required for non-utilization of data.

Please be guided accordingly.

Source: P&A Grant Thornton


As published in the SunStar Cebu, dated on 28 March 2017