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Tax Notes: Auto-credit payment scheme

THE PhilHealth Circular No. 043 series of 2012 instituted Auto-Credit Payment Scheme (ACPS) to improve claims processing of all accredited health care institutions (HCIs). Under ACPS, settlement of claims is credited directly to the HCI’s designated deposit accounts with Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP).

Originally offered only to hospitals and on an optional basis, the positive feedback encouraged the expansion of scope from hospitals to all HCIs. The issuance was later on amended through PhilHealth Circular No. 0020 series of 2017 with the following guidelines:

     a. All HCIs will be required to open deposit accounts with local banks under the supervision of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, aside from            LBP, for the ACPS.

     b. HCIs already enrolled under the ACPS with LBP can opt to either retain their existing account or open an account with their preferred                servicing bank.

     c. For non LBP accounts, the gross settlement fee must be paid by the HCIs.

     d. PhilHealth reimbursements will be credited through ACPS every Wednesday of the week or the next working day, in case crediting day              falls on a non-working holiday.

     e. HCIs must issue individual official receipts for every PhilHealth reimbursements credited or paid to their deposit accounts. Official                      receipts are to be received by PhilHealth within 15 calendar days after the credit date. Failure to issue and deliver official receipt on or              before the deadline will not receive reimbursements on the credit date after the 15th day.

     f. HCIs will be subjected to the applicable banking rules and regulations of their partner bank.

     g. All accredited HCIs are required to be ACPS-compliant upon effectivity of this circular. Otherwise, payment release will be put on hold              and no checks will be issued to HCIs for claim payments.

This circular takes effect on Sept. 1.

Source:  P&A Grant Thornton



As published in Sunstar Cebu dated 22 August 2017.