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Interruption of period for filing Alien Employment Permits and Private Employment Agency.....

IN CONSIDERATION of the social and economic burden from community quarantine, the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) issued Labor Advisory 16 on May 4, 2020 pursuant to section 1 of Presidential Administrative Order 30.

Dole Labor Advisory 16 mandates that Alien Employment Permits (AEPs) and Private Employment Agency licenses due for renewal within the enhanced and general community quarantines can be filed within 45 working days after the lifting of the quarantine without penalty.

The publication and posting of new AEP applications may be undertaken primarily in the official website of the Dole regional office and/or public employment service office concerned, especially in regions where publishers of newspapers of general circulation are not yet permitted to operate. Upon resuming operations, newspapers of general circulation shall publish and post the new AEP applications in full compliance with requirement of the labor market test.

Dole regional offices may further issue detailed internal guidelines on accepting new and renewing applications, as they may deem efficient. Applying online is highly encouraged; otherwise, social distancing and health and safety measures shall be strictly observed when filing and applying for permits and licenses, and the issuance thereof.

Please be guided accordingly.


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As published in SunStar Cebu, dated 19 May 2020