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P&Ause June 2014

Habitat for Humanity allocates core houses for P&A, GT, Imoadang

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Early this year, Habitat for Humanity (HFHP) received donations from Punongbayan & Araullo (P&A), Grant Thornton (GT) Bahamas, GT Japan, and ImoAdang Foundation, Inc. that will fund the building of ten (10) core houses for the project called Tacloban North Resettlement Project. This project aims to build 550 houses for victims of Yolanda in the first resettlement site at Barangay Kawayan, Tacloban City, which is about 12 kilometers from the downtown proper. Owned by the City of Tacloban, it has a total land area of 86 hectares, but only around 31 hectares is available for building houses. The construction of fifty-nine (59) houses in Phase 1 is ongoing. The core houses was designed  and developed by the National Housing Authority (NHA).

In an update given by HFHP, five (5) houses allocated  for P&A, GT and ImoAdang are located in Phase 1, while the other five are in Phase 2. The building of houses commenced during groundbreaking last January 16, 2014. As of today, five houses are close to completion. The remaining 36 houses for phase 1 will be constructed as soon as the site development has been completed by July 2014.

The project is expected to be completed in June 2015.