Grant Thornton has launched Vigil@nt Cybersecurity, an online service that helps businesses design, implement and monitor their internal cybersecurity awareness and training programs.

With Grant Thornton’s expertise and experience in cybersecurity consulting and learning and development services, Vigil@nt Cybersecurity provides up-to-date and relevant cybersecurity awareness content delivered through an automated learning and phishing simulation platform that makes learning more effective. The service aims to makes employees more vigilant against real-life cybersecurity attacks in today’s increasingly digital world.

“As organizations become increasingly dependent on digital technology, the opportunities for cybercriminals continue to grow,” said Third Librea, Grant Thornton head of advisory services. “We elevate the effectiveness of cybersecurity education through Vigilant Cybersecurity. The platform works to influence employee behavior changes and reduce risk at every level of an organization by strengthening the ‘human firewall.’”

Vigil@nt Cybersecurity is one of Grant Thornton’s online service offerings that allow businesses to transform their operations through technology. For further enquiries about Grant Thornton’s Vigil@nt Cybersecurity or other services, email


As published in The Manila Times, dated 10 August 2020