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Status quo on VAT zero-rating of sales to PEZA entities

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21 Mar 2018

Tax Alert

This Tax Alert is issued to inform all on the new rules in determining the taxpayers required to withhold on purchases of goods and services other than those covered by other rates of withholding tax.

16 Mar 2018

APAC Tax Update

March 2018 Issue

15 Mar 2018

Tax Alert

The PEZA Director-General announced that sale of goods and services to PEZA entities shall continue to be subject to 0% VAT.

News Centre

23 Mar 2018

P&A Grant Thornton marks 30 years of unlimited growth

P&A Grant Thornton marks 30 years of unlimited growth

16 Mar 2018

Shattering the glass ceiling playbook for women

It’s International Women’s Month and so I’m reminded about this old joke in the audit profession that brings out the issue of gender stereotypes. It says, “If you want to know how women auditors or accountants perform, just look at their body shape: are they concerned about figures?”

12 Mar 2018

‘Culture is business strategy’

In an era of disruption and uncertainty, corporate culture—and not technology—will make or break companies and organizations, said the head of one of the world’s biggest auditing firms.

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Tax Brief

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Outsourcing Brief

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