Transactions are staple activities in any growing business or organisation that require careful, well-thought-out strategies to maximize value for business undertakings.

Our team of transaction advisory experts are well-versed with various types of transactions across various industries to allow your organisation to maximize growth and value. Our professionals demonstrate exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills in handling a multitude of unique situations and problems.

Sub-service lines:
Financial due diligence

Providing buy-side and vendor due diligence and vendor assistance and acting as the reporting accountant

Operational deal services

Providing operational diligence, post deal integration, and carve-out services

Commercial and strategic intelligence

Providing commercial diligence and strategic intelligence services


Providing valuations of shares, businesses, assets, and liabilities in support of negotiations, deal structuring and taxation opportunities

M&A Advisory

Provides strategic advice and execution support for acquisitions, sales and

Capital markets

Acting as a regulated stock exchange adviser, such as a Nominated Adviser or Sponsor


Realising value through taking appointments as an insolvency practitioner (or equivalent licensed and authorised individual in a particular jurisdiction) in any corporate or personal insolvency process


Providing operational or financial restructuring advice to under-performing companies, their creditors, or other stakeholders

Debt advisory

Providing debt advisory services to clients (both debtor and creditor), including debt capacity, restructuring, covenant, and market advice