The rise of information technology has not only created new opportunities for businesses; it has also created new risks that can endanger one’s organisation.

Our team of cybersecurity experts can help provide you with detailed, actionable insights that incorporate the industry’s best practices and standards to strengthen your cybersecurity position and help you make informed decisions. Our cybersecurity services will help you prepare for cyberattacks, protect your information, mitigate damages, and adapt to the changing business environment’s reliance on information technology and information systems. All these can ultimately safeguard your organisation’s future growth.

Sub-service lines:
Strategy and management

Assisting clients with developing and implementing cyber risk strategy aligned with their industry, regulatory posture, markets, business, and technology strategies


Assisting clients with developing and implementing privacy strategy to protect and leverage employee, customer, and partner data in alignment with regulatory and business frameworks

Digital identity

Enabling clients to design and implement holistic access management strategies to enhance their customer, employee, and device interactions aligned with their cyber threat profile and business models

Application security

Enabling clients to build and secure their enterprise applications as part of their mobile and cloud strategic initiatives for global growth

Infrastructure security

Assisting clients with building a secure global infrastructure to operationalise their ‘defence in depth’ models for protection of critical assets and monitoring for threats utilising security analytics and advanced computing platforms managed through a security operations centre (SOC)

Incident management

Strategic planning for internal and external breach events