[Updated] Monthly Filing of Expanded/Creditable and Final Withholding Tax Returns

This Updated Tax Alert is issued to inform all concerned on the filing and payment deadlines for expanded/creditable withholding tax (BIR Form 1601-E/1606) and final withholding tax (BIR Form 1601-F/1602).

Under the TRAIN Law (RA No. 10963), the final and creditable withholding tax returns (except for
withholding tax on compensation and withholding VAT) shall be due quarterly on or before the last day of
the month following the close of the calendar quarter (CQ).

Hence, following the TRAIN Law, filing and payment of expanded and final withholding tax returns should
already be on a quarterly basis from the previous monthly filing and remittance.

However, pursuant to the BIR’s advisory issued on January 31, 2018 and signed by Commissioner Dulay monthly remittance of taxes withheld is still required for the first two months of the quarter. This shall be done through BIR Form 0605 on or before the 10th day following the month of withholding. The taxes withheld in the third month shall be remitted using BIR Form 1601EQ or the applicable quarterly return.

We note that implementing rules and regulations of the provisions of National Internal Revenue Code and related statutes are issued through revenue regulations. Hence, we expect that the BIR shall reiterate this filing and payment requirements in a revenue regulation.