Unavailability of the eFPS on April 25

(Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 33-2017 and Bank Bulletin 2017-09)

This Tax Alert is issued to inform all concerned on the steps to take in filing tax returns during the eFPS downtime yesterday.

Due to the unavailability of the eFPS on April 25, 2017, the BIR has instructed that tax returns should be filed through the eBIR Forms facility and the taxes should be paid "over-the-counter" with the Authorized Agent Banks (AABs).

AABs have also been advised to accept "over-the-counter" payments for BIR Form Nos. 2550Q, 2550M and 2551M due on April 25, 2017 without the late filing penalties until today, April 26, 2017.