Application for PEZA VAT zero rating by email

(PEZA Memorandum Order No. 2015- 010)

This Tax Alert is issued to remind all PEZA registered enterprises/ecozone developers/operators (PEZA enterprises) that issuance of VAT Zero rating certifications are to be filed through e-mail to further ease doing business with PEZA.

Accomplished request form (PEZA Form No. ERD.2.F.006) shall be scanned and e-mailed by the PEZA enterprise to the office of the PEZA director general at which shall forward the same to the Enterprise Services Division (ESD) for checking of compliance with PEZA’s reportorial requirements. Only PEZA enterprises with complete PEZA reports shall be endorsed to the Incentives Management Division (IMD) for processing and issuance of the VAT zero rating certification.  The application should be signed by one of the officials indicated in the monthly performance reports submitted to PEZA.  The zone administrators/managers shall take charge of informing the PEZA enterprises on the availability of the Certification which shall be released upon payment of a filing fee is Php 120.  The PEZA enterprises shall receive the Certification via email in pdf format which they may print and disseminate to their suppliers.

The BIR may validate the issued certifications from the list which will be provided by PEZA.  The certification shall also bear a Quick Response code which can be scanned through a smart phone or computer camera for validation.