Extension of application period for accreditation

The application period for importers and brokers with valid and existing accreditation has been extended until  June 30, 2014, or the original expiration of their Bureau of Customs (BOC) accreditation, whichever comes earlier.

Failure to file by the importer or broker of its application by the deadline will result in the automatic cancellation of its accreditation effective July 01 2014, or the date of expiration as indicated in the accreditation, whichever is earlier.

The accreditation of all importers and customs brokers who have filed their applications with the BIR and BOC shall be deemed extended until further notice from the BOC.  However, in case the application is denied by the BIR, the accreditation shall be deemed cancelled from the date of such denial. 

For further details, please see attached DOF Order No. 033-2014