BIR Interactive Form 1702

The BIR has released the Interactive BIR Form 1702 (Income Tax Return for Corporations and Partnerships) which allows users to insert data, edit, save, and print the form.  

The interactive form does automatic computations and can print the income tax return which you will file with the Accredited Agent Bank (AAB) or Revenue Collection Officer (RCO) when you pay your income tax due on  April 16, 2012 (since April 15, 2012 falls on a Sunday).  For those with zero tax payable, the ITR and its attachments can be submitted to the Revenue District Office (RDO).

To open the interactive form, use of PDF-XChange Viewer is required. A link is available in the Instructional Guide to download the program for free.  PDF Acrobat Reader will only allow you to view the Interactive Form, edit and print but not save the form. 

According to the Instructional Guide, eFPS filers should file manually without need for prior approval while the new form is not yet available in the eFPS.  Once the eFPS is ready, eFPS filers will need to refile electronically.

Please read the Instructional Guide for further details on how to use the interactive BIR Form 1702.

Copy of BIR Interactive Form 1702 and Instructional Guide is attached below.