Human Capital

We provide advisory and consulting services that focus on human capital management best practices. We will work with you to design human capital management practices that will contribute to your organization’s bottom line.

We offer services under two major categories:

A. Strategic Human Capital

    1. Change Management

We deliver a customized framework to manage employees’ behaviors that occur when major changes are made within the organization.

    2. Organizational Development (OD)

We provide OD plans specific to your requirements, ensuring the alignment of people, plan, and process with your vision and mission. We will diagnose your organization’s current state, and recommend interventions to bring you to your desired state.

     3. Ethics Reporting System

We help set up a system where your employees can communicate unethical or illegal activities in a safe and non-threatening manner. This setup involves creating an ethics committee that will decide on the need for culture reviews and/or regulatory and legal compliance reviews to ensure business integrity.        

    4. Business and Executive Coaching

We coach leaders to handle issues at hand, which may include struggles in either personal, interpersonal, or organizational skills. We also extend this service to fast-track the learning curves of newly promoted executives coming from middle management positions.  

    5. Leadership Development

We offer an integrated development program for your identified key talents to prepare them for leadership roles. 

     6. Mergers and Acquisitions

We conduct human resource due diligence and coordinate and administer cross-functional activities during execution. We help align organizational cultures and work styles during post-merger integration.

     7. Unit/Section/Department Transformation

We will transform your identified unit, section, or department from merely doing transactions to engaging in value-adding activities that lead to business success.