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Outsourcing Brief Q4 2022

06 Jan 2023

Outsourcing Brief Q4 2022

2023 Tax Calendar

27 Dec 2022

As we inch closer toward the start of another colorful year, we are excited to announce the release of the P&A Grant Thornton 2023 Tax Calendar. We have meticulously curated the look, feel, and content of our latest calendar in line with our goal of making tomorrow more vibrant through our bold, divergent undertaking and our strong resolve to forge new paths with stakeholders and our valued clients. Thank you for your utmost trust and support.

P&A Grant Thornton Catalogue 2022

22 Apr 2022

The services of an accounting firm are thus vital for anticipating business risks and trends in the market. By choosing P&A Grant Thornton, businesses not only access a team of expert accountants that can accommodate for every tax and audit need, but they are also assured of quality service through the stages of business growth.

Doing Business in the Philippines 2022 Issue

22 Apr 2022

As we are nearing the tail end of the pandemic, it is important to refocus the business as it manages the long-term effects of such an occurrence. Now is perhaps the perfect time to move on to shared services operations in the Philippines, given the advantages the location provides.

2022 Tax Calendar

28 Dec 2021

As we set off on a brand-new year filled with possibility, we are please to announce that our 2022 Tax Calendar is now available for download. With the theme of Go Beyond the Normal, we hope the images included in the calendar provide inspiration for its viewers to place utmost effort in their passions and communities.

October 2021 Issue

15 Oct 2021

Click on the attachment to read the October 2021 issue of the Tax brief: a monthly publication about developments in Philippine taxation.

September 2021 Issue

20 Sep 2021

Click on the attachment to read the September 2021 issue of the Tax brief: a monthly publication about developments in Philippine taxation.

Doing Business in the Philippines 2021 Issue

27 Jul 2021

This guide has been prepared for the assistance of those interested in doing business in the Philippines. It does not cover the subject exhaustively, bit is intended to answer some of the important, broad questions that may arise. When specific problems occur in practice, it will often be necessary to refer to the laws and regulations of the Philippines and to obtain appropriate accounting and legal advice. This guide only contains brief notes and includes legislation in force as of June 30, 2021.