Social Events

1. Monthly Alumni Night out: gatherings at a local bar or restaurant for drinks and night caps, dinner, reception, music.

2. Friendly competition: photo competition, etc.

3. Weekend brunch roundtable “Alumni Kapihan”

4. Annual Christmas Party

5. Sports gathering: golf tourney, basketball, tennis, volleyball, chess, etc.

6. Local tour: Festivals in the Philippines

7. Wine tasting at Society Lounge in Makati

8. Metro Tour: Art Appreciation – visit to an Art Museum, or specific exhibit or historical sites

9. Theater, concert, movie night out

10. Outdoor Activities: group hike, biking, picnic or cook-out, boating, etc.

11. Family Day Enterprise: rent a place where families sell their wares


Volunteering/Community Service

1. “Make a Difference Day” or “What Matters to You Most Day”

2. Participate in the Grant Thornton Global CSR Day

3. Work with P&Ause or any local nonprofit organization on day projects:

A. Affordable housing: Rebuilding together, habitat for humanity environments

B. Park or community clean ups

C. Hunger / Homeless: Local shelters, soup kitchen

D. Assist Children: boys & girls club, local schools, elderly


Professional / Personal Development & Continuing Education

1. Event featuring P&A Alumni speakers, professors, staff members, or local speakers. This is for higher learning, current events, or topics relevant to the alumni group.

2. Organize a panel event surrounding a topic of interest.

3. Local career day program including alumni representatives from local organizations, highlighting current opportunities(job openings)

4. Develop an ALUMNI SERIES, where members share their knowledge and expertise relevant to the group: personal, finance, marketing tools, technology tips, etc.

5. P&A Events: Business Forums, Seminars


Recruitment / Talent Support

1. Welcome receptions or events for new alumni

2. Alumni Talks – invite high profile recruiter to talk about CV writing, Interview Skills, etc.

3. Tour to a local company, organization, plant or facility for alumni

4. Work with the P&A Alumni Community office to volunteer with Recruitment to school visits nationwide