Updated Rules on the Filing and Payment of Withholding Tax

(Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018)

This Tax Alert is issued to inform all on the following guidelines on the filing and payment of withholding taxes pursuant to Revenue Regulations No. 11-2018.

 New BIR Forms 0619E and 0619F were prescribed for the monthly remittance of withholding taxes.  We have updated the schedule we issued earlier to incorporate these changes, as follows:

-      Withholding agents with zero remittance are still required to file BIR Form Nos. 0619E and 0619F for the month.

-      Quarterly Alphabetical List of Payees (QAP) containing the following information shall be filed on a quarterly basis:

  1. Name of Income Payees
  2. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  3. Amount of income payment segregated per month with a total for the quarter
    • Income payment subjected to withholding tax
    • Income payment exempt from withholding tax
  4. Amount of taxes withheld